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"I believe that every American has an obligation to support our troops in any way he/she can.  Our men and women in uniform make tremendous sacrifices and put their lives on the line for the good of our country."

Terrance J. Thompson

The Law Offices of Terrance J. Thompson takes an active approach in supporting our troops.  Mr. Thompson understands the unique pressures and challenges that soldiers and their families face.  If you are a soldier or a family member and you have been injured or are in need of legal advise, please contact us.  Soldiers and their family members are entitled to several protections under the Soldiers' & Sailors' Civil Relief Act and the Uniformed Services Employment & Reemployment Rights Act.  If you are a soldier or the family member of a deployed soldier and find yourself facing an eviction, call us because we may be able to stay the eviction proceedings.  Also, if you are a veteran returning to your civilian job, and your employer will not reinstate you, call us because you have reemployment rights that we can protect.